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Academic Activities

  1. AMUCTA academic activities shall be carried out from Monday through Saturday without prejudice to regulation 7.4 below.
  2. DPAA, after consultation with the Principal, shall have powers to suspend academic activities at any day of the week as the case may be and prescribed a day which the activities shall resume. DPAA shall make the announcement to that effect public to both students and staff.
  3. Public Holiday which fall on AMUCTA working days shall be observed subject to prior arrangements between the lecturer and students where there shall be any academic activity to conducted.
  4. Where any academic activity has been planned on Public Holiday, it shall be communicated to students and Head of Department in writing two days prior to the said activity.
  5. Examinations shall take place any day of the week (Monday to Saturday) as scheduled in the time table even if it falls on a Public Holiday.