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Guidance for Invigilators

Heads of Departments shall be responsible for ensuring that examinations are prepared and conducted in a strictly confidential manner

Before the Examination
  1. Chief invigilator should personally collect from the examination office sealed envelopes containing question papers and any other material prescribed in the rubrics at least thirty minutes before the examination.
  2. Invigilators shall be present in the examination room at least twenty minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  3. Invigilators should admit candidates to the examination room at least fifteen minutes before the commencement of the examination and ensure that students take the right place.
  4. During the fifteen minutes the invigilator should:
    1. Make an announcement to the effect that unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.
    2. Make an announcement to the effect that candidates should satisfy themselves that they are in possession of the correct paper.
    3. Tell the students to note any special at the head of the paper.
    4. Tell students when they may begin writing.
During the Examination
  1. Invigilators should not admit candidates to the examination room after thirty minutes have elapsed from the commencement of the examination and should not permit candidates to leave the examination room until one hour has expired.
  2. By the end of thirty minutes from the commencement of the examination, the invigilators should have a written list on the examination attendance sheet of the names of all the candidates present.
  3. Invigilators should ensure that only one answer-booklet is provided for each candidate.
  4. Candidates may be permitted to do rough work in the examination booklet on the understand that rough work is crossed out.
  5. Invigilators shall report immediately after the examination to the Head of Department any candidate who contravenes the examination regulations and instructions, especially by unfair practices.
  6. In case of alleged examination irregularity, the invigilator shall require the candidate to sign an examination incident report and any other materials pertinent to the incident to confirm that they are his/her. The invigilator also shall sign and submit to the Head of the Department the Examination incident report, together with the candidate’s examination booklet and all pertinent materials (a candidate caught contravening the examination regulations shall not be allowed to continue with the examination for which he/she is sitting, but will not be barred from other examinations for which he/she is scheduled).
  7. The Head of the Department through the Faculty Dean will submit a full written report on the incident to the Corporate Counsel.
  8. The processing of an alleged case of cheating or other irregularity shall be carried out as expeditiously as possible
At the End of Examination
  1. Invigilators shall tell the candidates to stop writing and assemble their examination scripts.
  2. Invigilators shall not permit the candidates to leave their places before their scripts have been collected.
  3. Candidates shall sign the examination attendance sheet when they turn in their script.
  4. Invigilators shall enter the number of candidate’s scripts collected and/or received on the attendance sheet and sign it.