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Proceeding of the Examination Irregularities

  1. HOD are required to file and present report any reported examination irregularity to the Dean of the respective faculty who shall handover the report to the DPAA within one week after the end of examinations (last date of the scheduled examination)
  2. DPAA will then forward the report and evidence (if any) to the Corporate Counsel with recommendations within one week after receiving the report
  3. The Corporate Council shall prepare a summary of charges against each candidate and summon Academic Committee within ten days after receiving the report from the DPAA
  4. The Corporate Council shall summon all candidates in writing to appear before Academic Committee in person to present their defense.
  5. The Academic Committee shall forward recommendations and their decisions to the Senate
  6. The Senate may empower the chairperson to endorse or overrule the decision of the Academic Committee as the case may be and communicate his decision to the members.
  7. Students shall be informed in writing the decision of the Senate within two weeks after the recommendation from the examination committee have been forwarded to the chairperson of the Senate